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Deliver the right care to your patient population with always-on AI monitoring for critical care gaps

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Lung Cancer
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Lung Cancer Case Study

Fewer Care Gaps, Stronger Care Pathways.


Using Ferrum’s AI monitoring technologies, Sutter Health identified 118 clinically significant pulmonary nodules that were not documented during original radiology review. Flagging these care gaps prevented potential delays in lung cancer diagnosis and ensured patients were not lost to follow-up care.

Close care gaps with technology, not manual labor

How It Works

Service line leaders define the care pathway to be covered.
Ferrum’s AI monitors the population and flags potential care gaps.
Quality committees reviews Ferrum flags to prioritize and address confirmed care gaps.
Quality insights can be shared across Ferrum’s PSO members.

Impact & Outcomes


Lives covered

Lives covered across our global health care system partners


Patient records reviewed

Increase in the number of radiology studies peer reviewed compared to without Ferrum


Medical errors found

More medical errors captured by one customer

Ferrum covers over 10 million lives in six countries at the health systems that we serve

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