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Marketing Programs Manager


Marketing Programs Manager

Ferrum is currently building out our marketing team, and seeking an intermediate level marketing professional to spearhead our healthcare enterprise marketing programs, as well as oversee digital marketing execution. This is a cross-functional role in which you will work closely with Sales and Product teams, as well as a junior marketing resource, to create outbound marketing programs to educate and ultimately convert potential customers.

Must Haves

You think healthcare can be better, and want to have an impact in the industry. Ferrum’s team is first and foremost, mission driven. Our mission is to help hospital systems close care gaps that lead to subpar healthcare for patients, and the work that you do will ultimately help get technology into their hands of health systems to improve the quality of the care they provide.

You’re an “Athlete”. Ferrum is a high growth, fast-paced startup. This means that while the team members we’re hiring will fully own their functions, we expect them to understand adjacent roles and responsibilities in order to support and sometimes contribute. To this end, we believe that a successful Marketing Programs Manager will have a strong grasp of the role, win conditions, and challenges of the Sales and Product functions.

You are an out of the box thinker. In a fast paced startup environment, much of our success hinges on our ability to think differently from competitors, counter-position, outmaneuver, iterate rapidly, and present compelling messaging that differentiates us from the pack.

You speak the language of healthcare executives. Healthcare is an exceedingly complex industry, and hospitals are complex organizations. We’re seeking someone who has previously engaged with healthcare executives (CEOs, COO, CFO, CMIO, CIOs, and service line directors) and understands or can quickly pick up the nuances of healthcare operations. Prior experience in healthcare focused consulting, marketing, or sales is a plus.

You have a discerning eye for good vs. bad enterprise-level marketing messaging, content, and copy. While you’ll be expected to work with the Product and Sales teams to create effective marketing content, you’ll need to be well versed in building effective marketing campaigns with solid, crisp, informative copy, and targeting messaging to specific enterprise-level, customer personas.

You are well versed in automated marketing funnels, marketing analytics, marketing landing pages, and common marketing platforms. You’ll be managing multiple marketing programs simultaneously, and continually learning and iterating on them to optimize the marketing funnel. To do this effectively, you need to be well versed in setting up automated marketing campaigns and programs through tools such as Hubspot, Marketo, etc. You will also need to be highly proficient in setting up marketing landing pages, identifying KPIs, establishing marketing analytics infrastructure, and making data-driven decisions based on marketing KPIs.

You are well versed in working on a team to execute digital marketing campaigns and common digital marketing channels. You will be working with a junior level marketing resource, as well as potential marketing contractors who will be setting up and executing Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email campaigns. However, you should be familiar with and preferably have experience executing through these digital channels yourself, so that you’re able to confidently oversee their execution from start to finish.

Highly Preferred
  • Prior experience in healthcare marketing, sales, or consulting
  • A strong understanding of the healthcare industry, including policy and hospital business models
  • Experience managing a company website
  • Experience working with CRMs and integrating marketing tools and workflows into CRMs
  • Experience creating marketing lead scoring models
  • Experience transforming product and sales ideas and strategies into compelling marketing content for your programs
  • Experience in a wide range of marketing programs, from account-based drip campaigns to industry conference strategies
  • Experience in developing, testing, and iterating on ideal customer personas
  • Understanding of the principles of brand marketing and category creation

What You’ll Be Doing

Marketing Strategy & Operations

  • Work with the CEO and, Sales Lead, and Product Lead to establish a marketing programs strategy for enterprise healthcare customers in the United States, as well as in the APAC region
  • Work with the CEO, Sales, and Product leads to evaluate market segments and choose key accounts to target
  • Lead the evaluation and implementation of marketing tools and analytics
  • Create and maintain a marketing database, a lead scoring system, segmenting customers, and ensuring appropriate targeting of marketing campaigns

Marketing Programs Management

  • Fully own the execution and iteration of enterprise account-based marketing programs from end to end for existing and new products and services. Marketing programs will include but are not limited to
  • PPC Advertising: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads
  • Email marketing: On-ramping drip campaigns, nurture campaigns, newsletters
  • Conference speaking engagements
  • Webinars
  • Work with the product, sales, and design resources to create content that can be used in marketing programs. Types of content include:
  • Blog posts
  • Educational materials
  • Whitepapers
  • Visual digital advertisements
  • Case studies
  • Support the management of the company marketing website, and work with the product and design teams to create and maintain landing pages
  • Manage company social media accounts
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About Ferrum

Medical errors kill 6 million patients every year and are the third leading cause of death worldwide. Ferrum provides doctors with an automated quality management system and machine learning marketplace that ensures they catch and fix medical errors before they affect patient care. The service does not affect physician workflow, takes less than a day to install, and is delivered via a secure appliance so patient data never leaves the hospital. Ferrum has been deployed at hospitals in multiple countries around the world. We are a highly technical team led by experienced founders who have built, funded, and scaled successful healthcare technology companies previously.