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Sales Development Representative

Ferrum is currently building out our sales team, and seeking an entry level Sales Development Representative to spearhead our healthcare enterprise lead generation programs, as well as oversee digital marketing execution. This is a cross-functional role in which you will work closely with Sales and Marketing, to create outbound marketing programs to generate sales leads and ultimately convert potential customers.

Must Haves

You think healthcare can be better, and want to have an impact in the industry. Ferrum’s team is first and foremost, mission driven. Our mission is to help hospital systems close care gaps that lead to subpar healthcare for patients, and the work that you do will ultimately help get technology into their hands of health systems to improve the quality of the care they provide. 

You’re an “Athlete”. Ferrum is a high growth, fast-paced startup. This means that while the team members we’re hiring will fully own their functions, we expect them to understand adjacent roles and responsibilities in order to support and sometimes contribute. To this end, we believe that a successful Sales Development Rep will have a strong grasp of the role, win conditions, and challenges of the Sales and Product functions.

You are an out of the box thinker. In a fast paced startup environment, much of our success hinges on our ability to think differently from competitors, counter-position, outmaneuver, iterate rapidly, and present compelling messaging that differentiates us from the pack.

You are eager to learn. Healthcare is an exceedingly complex industry, and hospitals are complex organizations. We’re seeking someone who can engage with healthcare executives (CEOs, COO, CFO, CMIO, CIOs, and service line directors) and can quickly pick up . 

You are hungry. The SDR pay plan will contain significant bonuses for performance. 

You are up for a challenge.  You will have basic materials but in our fast changing environment,  you will also be helping to create the blueprint for your success and the success of an expanding team of SDRs.

Highly Preferred
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • An ability to work independently
  • Able to create compelling content for email campaigns
  • A strong work ethic
  • Ability to learn CRMs and integrating marketing tools into CRMs
  • Persistence
What You’ll Be Doing

Creating outreach campaigns on Linked-in, Direct email, Social Media

  • Work with the VP of Sales and Head of Marketing to create enterprise account-based outreach programs
  • Work with the VP of Sales to establish contact targets at enterprise health systems

Researching Health Systems Key Executives

  • Work with the VP of Sales and Head of Marketing to evaluate market segments and choose key accounts to target
  • Work with the VP of Sales and Head of Marketing to evaluate key decision makers to target. Help develop and refine appropriate messaging (written and verbal) for each.

Teleprospecting to set appointments with Decision Makers

  • Engaging Executives and EA’s with key messaging to secure appointments for the VP of Sales via multiple channels
  • Linked in, email, telephone
  • Outcome: finding qualified leds and securing appointments
  • Tracking success metrics\
  • Learn to execute basic sales presentation
  • Adapting messaging over time
To Apply

Email for more information.

About Ferrum

Ferrum enables hospitals to close gaps in patient care by quickly and painlessly deploying AI solutions into their workflows through an automated quality management system solution and machine learning platform that mitigates the risk of medical errors before those errors negatively impact patient care. The Ferrum solution does not affect physician diagnostic workflow, takes less than a day to install, and is delivered via a secure appliance so patient data never leaves the Client site. Ferrum is currently deployed at hospitals and health systems around the globe. We are a highly technical team led by experienced founders who have previously built, funded, and scaled successful healthcare technology start-up companies.