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Support Engineer


Support Engineer

We’re looking for someone to join our Engineering team at Ferrum. Are you interested in delivering robust services to help hospitals detect and eliminate the millions of medical errors that occur every year? If so, read on.

About You

You are experienced:

  • With at least 2 years of relevant support or service-oriented customer facing position
  • With managing cases through the entire support lifecycle, from triage to resolution and writing support content
  • With being on-call and clearly communicating complex situations to stakeholders
  • With scripting languages such as BASH or strongly typed programming languages such as Go
  • With Linux operating system internals, filesystems, disk/storage technologies, and networking fundamentals
  • With working in containerized environments with technologies like Docker

Preferred experience, but not required:

  • Working with infrastructure-as-code practices and technologies like Ansible, Terraform, and Packer
  • Advanced networking and Linux networking expertise
  • Advanced CentOS and RHEL system administration
  • LFCE or RHCE equivalent certifications

You have a deep understanding of Linux environments. Your experience with Linux distributions gives you the direction to know what questions to ask and what questions to answer before starting down a root cause analysis session. You understand the storage and networking layers of a Linux environment and know how to resolve anomalous problems.

You can handle complexity. You know how to approach and understand the abstract and large system designs found in production. When a piece of software presents problems, you know how to efficiently cross reference the design diagrams with the logs to triage and root cause any unexpected behavior.

You love efficiency and automation. Your work at Ferrum will have a huge impact on the business. You take pride in developing scalable software that enables the customer to rely on Ferrum for mission critical tasks. Your work allows team members to perform at a high level and scale to new challenges. You should be proficient with BASH and familiar with Python--but Go is even better.

You strive to take ownership of a project from ideation to delivery and maintenance. Your experience provides a framework for you to work independently on several initiatives which will provide significant and measurable value to our customers. Seek opportunities to develop horizontal technologies that benefit multiple teams. Build developer tools to increase efficiency of all teams at Ferrum.

You communicate and document everything. At Ferrum, we are a distributed team. A culture of sharing and documentation allows everyone to work together. We are looking for a practitioner of clear documentation that is well-maintained.

And most importantly, you want to make a positive and lasting impact on the world. You understand that technology has the power to improve people’s lives and enrich our society.  

What You’ll be Doing

Ferrum is a distributed, fast-growing company so you will be wearing many hats and pitch in on different components and projects across the organization. That said, here are some examples of what you’ll do

  • Provide the first line of defense for support escalation and remediation for customer sites
  • Monitoring of site health for deployments in healthcare systems
  • Software development of tools to improve internal processes, infrastructure, and system observability
  • Apply your Linux knowledge to maintain, extend, and scale our enterprise platform
  • Implementing and documenting procedures and guidelines for incident management
  • Work and communicate with IT teams during the incident response lifecycle

To Apply

Email for more information.

About Ferrum

Medical errors kill 6 million patients every year and are the third leading cause of death worldwide. Ferrum provides doctors with an automated quality management system and machine learning marketplace that ensures they catch and fix medical errors before they affect patient care. The service does not affect physician workflow, takes less than a day to install, and is delivered via a secure appliance so patient data never leaves the hospital. Ferrum has been deployed at hospitals in multiple countries around the world. We are a highly technical team led by experienced founders who have built, funded, and scaled successful healthcare technology companies previously.