Sutter C-MIMI 2020 Presentation featured in Aunt Minnie

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Identifying Gaps in Lung Cancer Care
Dr. Jason Wiesner, Sutter’s Imaging Service Line Medical Director saw care gaps leading to delays in lung cancer diagnosis, increased malpractice risks, and patients lost to care.

Lung Cancer is a leading cause of death, but common care gaps lead to delayed diagnoses. Up to 80% of lung nodules can be missed on low-dose CT scans. Many are missed entirely as incidental findings.

Sutter’s Quality Committee recovered 118 cancer care gaps after deploying Ferrum’s Care Gap Recovery System.
Over the course of 8 months, Sutter Health used Ferrum’s AI monitoring technologies and AI-enhanced peer review tools to recover 118 patients with care gaps that could have affected downstream care management.

80% of lung nodules can be missed on low dose CT scans

118 Cancer Care Gaps Recovered by Sutter Health

Download the abstract presented by Sutter Health at SIIM’s C-MIMI 2020 to find out where they identified the greatest opportunities to improve care.

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